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KUBAM Researchers at European Materials Research Society 2024 Spring Meeting

We are proud to announce the exceptional achievements Tuğser Yılmaz and Özden Güneş Yıldız at the prestigious European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) 2024 Spring Meeting. Pioneering Synthesis for Catalytic Breakthroughs Tuğser Yılmaz delivered an insightful oral presentation on the “Efficient Synthesis of Mo2AlB2: A Key Precursor in the Production of 2D MoB as a Promising Material […]

Verda Berşan Genceli’s Thesis Defense

We are excited to announce that on June 12, 2024, Verda Berşan Genceli successfully defended her master’s thesis titled “Designing n-type Zintl Phases for Thermoelectric Power Generators Applications.” Berşan’s research focused on the synthesis and characterization of binary and ternary phosphides, followed by a deep dive into n-type Mg3Sb2-based Zintl phases such as CaMg2Sb2 and […]

Seminar By Dr.Hande Öztürk

Title: X-ray Diffraction in the Nanoscale Date: Friday, December 23 Time: 15:00 – 16:00 Place: Science 103 Abstract X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a widely-used, non-destructive and high-resolution technique to characterize atomic configurations in crystalline materials. For the past decades, XRD has been used to analyze nanocrystalline materials which possess a novel and a very particular […]

IMSEC 2017

(Participation of IMSEC 2017, 2nd International Mediterranean Science and Engineering Congress between 25-27 October, 2017) : 1 Poster Presentation

Online Booking System Is ACTIVE Now!

Development among the research groups of our center leads the increase of the active device users.  Online booking system will be used for managing the scheduling the synthesis and characterization equipments. LabAgenda is a dedicated platform to organize the scheduling requirements of the labs and you can book the authorized device from now on! Active Trained […]

Message from the Rector about Coronavirus Precautions

All academic courses No academic classes shall be held at any of the Koç University campuses starting from Monday, March 16, 2020 for 3 weeks and until further notice. This decision means that there shall be no classes, including online, for a duration of 3 weeks.   The Spring Break for the Academic Year 2019-2020, originally planned between April […]


(Participation of METALS 2018, 27th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials between 23-25 May, 2018) : 1 Oral and 1 Poster Presentation

ISBB 2017

(Participation of ISBB 2017, “19th International Symposium on Boron, Borides and Related Materials” between 4-7 September, 2017) : 1 Oral and 1 Poster Presentation