Binder Drying Oven

Protherm PLF Series Chamber Furnace (up to 1500 °C)

Typical chamber furnace for open atmosphere heating processes.

MLS Pyro Speziale Microwave Plasma Induced Furnace (1.2 kW)

Suitable for processes which require intense temperature rise. Equipped with gas distribution
and vacuum valves. H2, N2, Ar plasmas are applicable.

Vacuum Oven

Gas – Vacuum Welding System


MBraun Glovebox

HT Furnace

Nabertherm Chamber Furnace (up to 1300 °C)

Typical chamber furnace for open atmosphere heating processes.

SOIF Optical Microscope

Electromag M5040 Drying Oven


Peleting Machine

Netzsch LFA

Netzsch STA

HT Furnace 2

Microhardness Instrument

Kötterman Fume Cupboards

Protherm MOS Series Chamber Furnace (up to 1500 °C)

Suitable for high temperature processes carried out under gas flow.

BRUKER RFS 100S Raman Spectrometer

MTI Desktop High Frequency Induction Heater (up to 2500 °C)

MBRAUN UNIlab Glove-Box

SpexSamplePrep 8000D High Energy Ball Mill (up to 1200 rpm)

Ulvac Zem3

Cold Isostatic Press


Kötterman Fume Cupboards

Sigma Centrifuge (up to 4000 rpm)

Protherm Tube Furnace (up to 1500 °C)

Tubular shaped furnace equipped with vacuum and gas distribution valves.
Convenient for processes which should be carried under the gas

Retsch PM100 Planetary Ball Mill (up to 650 rpm)

Up to 15-50 ml feed volume. Suitable for dry and wet milling. Agate grinding bowl and

Shimadzu HMV-G Series Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Rigaku Miniflex XRD

Optical Microscope

Two Zone Furnace