Currently, KUBAM has around 250 m2 lab area located in the College of Sciences building with 4 dedicated laboratories.  

1) These are main sample preparation laboratory with high temperature furnace unit, two glove boxes and mechanical milling mixing tools.

2) Synthesis laboratory with Spark Plasma Sintering Oven unit and numerous custom setups.

3) Characterization laboratory mainly including the analysis devices, a glove-box and mechanical sample preparation room.  

4) There are application based characterization devices as well that are placed on the common analysis room of the department.

Detailed information about the facilities can be found here.

Characterization Equipment

  • XRD
  • LFA Thermal Conductivity Analysis
  • ZEM3 Electrical Conductivity, and Seebeck Coefficient Measurement System
  • FT RAMAN Spectrometer
  • Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Polarized Light Optical Microscope


  • Microwave Plasma Induced Furnace
  • Chamber Furnaces (up
    to 1500°)
  • Induction Furnace (up to 1800°C)
  • Autoclave Systems (high temp, high
  • Custom Design Furnaces
  • Arc Furnaces

Glove Boxes

  • Three Gloveboxes for synthesis under an inert atmosphere.

Mills and Grinders

  • Planetary Ball Mill and High Energy Ball Mill


  • 12 hoods
  • A unique furnace hood

Sintering Equipment

  • Cold Isostatic Press and Spark Plasma Sintering System

Precise Cutting Tools

  • Digital Low-Speed Diamond Saw and Diamond Wire Saw

Other Equipment

  • Abrasive Sandblasting System for cleaning steel containers and other metal and ceramic appliances