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Message from the Rector about Coronavirus Precautions

Message from the Rector about Coronavirus Precautions

All academic courses
No academic classes shall be held at any of the Koç University campuses starting from Monday, March 16, 2020 for 3 weeks and until further notice. This decision means that there shall be no classes, including online, for a duration of 3 weeks.   The Spring Break for the Academic Year 2019-2020, originally planned between April 6th through April 10 th, has now been included in this 3-week time period. We are working diligently on finalizing the changes in the Academic Calendar and shall inform you of further details on a timely basis.     Please also note that following our earlier messages, all university events scheduled to be held between March 10 and April 30 are cancelled or postponed until further notice.

The decision of the Council of Higher Education applies to all students, including all undergraduate students, interns and all graduate students except medicine, dentistry and pharmacy specialists. Students who are not presently on campus should not return to campus until the conclusion of this 3-week period. However, if you are on campus and are unable to return home, please contact the Office of the Dean of your College or your Graduate School for further assistance. We encourage students who live on campus to consider going home, if possible, and to return to campus after this 3-week period. Students who choose to stay on campus or are unable to return to their homes should know that campus operations continue as usual. For international students who may travel abroad to go home during this break, please be advised that you shall still be subject to our guidance on self-isolation (please see guidance below) and/or subject to other measures taken by the Turkish Government on travel restrictions at the time of your return to Turkey.

Faculty and Staff
The decision of the Council of Higher Education to close all universities only applies to students and classes at this time. The Council of Higher Education issued a decision on how faculty and staff are expected to work during this period. Our Human Resources Directorate is currently working to finalize our rules and recommendations for appropriate work-from-home and other policy accommodations for faculty and staff. We expect to provide this information over the weekend in a separate notice. All campus operations shall continue as scheduled until further notice.

This section describes our revised guidance on self-isolation. We request all faculty, staff and students who have travelled (university-sponsored or personal) to any country outside of Turkey in the last 14 days (effective March 9, 2020) or who may travel to any country in the near future, to complete a 14-day self-isolation immediately upon arrival in Turkey based on measures proposed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health. If you fall into this category and need to self-isolate, you need to stay indoors at home and avoid contact with other people for 14 days. If you were staying at Koç University dormitories, either on our main campus or the west campus, you will need to go to the Health Center immediately and stay indoors for the self-isolation period of 14 days. If you need to go home, University will assist you with your travel arrangements. Please contact the Office of the Dean of your College or your Graduate School for further assistance.

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