Online Booking System is ACTIVE now!

Online Booking System is ACTIVE now!

Development among the research groups of our center leads the increase of the active device users.  Online booking system will be used for managing the scheduling the synthesis and characterization equipments.  

LabAgenda is a dedicated platform to organize the scheduling requirements of the labs and you can book the authorized device from now on!

Active Trained User


Authorized active users can:

  1. log in to with their log-in credentials…
  2. view the availability of the intended device under reservation tab…
  3. authorized devices will be seem actively for reservation, and be picked up for intended time slots…
  4. after providing some additional info (sample name, co-workers, etc.)

    you are DONE! 

Inactive users are the ones already trained for the intended devices but not introduced to the online booking system.

New user are regarded as the institutional member without device training and system log-in credentials.

  • Please make sure that you are trained for the device that you are requesting an activation. (Confirmation might be required by the trainer )
  • Please fill the Online User Request Form under the forms and documents link (will be provided soon).
  1. New users are expected to get the necessary education and training from the mentor…
  2. They are expected to be operating the device -at least once- by themselves comfortably under the supervision of the mentor…
  3. Activation for the online scheduling system will be completed after the confirmation of the Mentor.
  • In order to provide fair usage, single user or group should be avoided to overbook and disrupts the operational system.  Otherwise, user authorization can be hold or even removed for further notification.
  • External users might be asked to book among certain time slots for certain devices.  Please contact the mentor of the equipment for further details.

External (non-institutional) usage will be treated as service requested and charged accordingly.

In an exceptional, heavily usage request, the personal might be trained and authorized as short term user upon an agreement.  Please contact the central management for the details.

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